October 7th, 2019, 11:00 am
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nokonuuka October 7th, 2019, 11:29 am
Anyone who says they're fine aren't fine, that word is cursed and tainted

***Edit 14/10/19*** Unfortunately we don't have an update for today, but next week we'll update with two pages
So we'll see then <3 Thanks!
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Hellcube October 7th, 2019, 2:07 pm
I’m sure he’s fine, I mean this is an innocent slice of life comic. I mean what could even happen?!
nokonuuka October 8th, 2019, 1:02 am
@Hellcube: The bite healed already, the dinner went fine, summer vacation is starting, what could go wrong?
The Orange Cow October 7th, 2019, 2:48 pm
A cruise! That's an idea, Kaitos should go on a nice long cruise. I'm sure that'll help him feel better.
nokonuuka October 8th, 2019, 1:01 am
@The Orange Cow: A fantastic idea! There's nothing like standing on a deck, watching a night sky over a dark ocean... maybe a moon too.. maybe the moon is full...
chikimera0249 October 8th, 2019, 6:48 am
or a party?