About the Comic

Werewulf is set in a fictional Nordic country called Blishav.
It's situated somewhere near Denmark and Germany, coming to contact with the Baltic Sea on it's North Coast.
Blishav is sort of a mixture of our home country Finland and some other nordic and western cultures.

This comic has been written as a novel over some years by nokonuuka. The decision to adapt it to a comic formed at the end of 2017 and since then the comic has been worked on by Jeimsi.
It's main genres are fantasy and drama, and it focuses on character interaction and development, and uncovering mysteries.
Nokonuuka loves creating new worlds and thinking about the mechanics of magic and it's effects on the world, so expect to see magical things in the comic.

Werewulf will not be family friendly. Darker themes - such as body horror, mental illnesses, death, manipulation - will be featured. We recommend an age of at least 15 for reading it.

On the positive side it will also have love, trust, and hope, plus a diverse cast with mostly queer characters.

You can find us and contact us on:
tumblr Werewulfcomic
twitter @werewulf_comic
facebook @werewulfcomic

We hope you enjoy our work,
Writer nokonuuka
Artist Jeimsi